Has the Economy Bottomed Out?

Posted on: May 21, 2009

Has the economy bottomed out? Don’t know, but one thing I do know, selection is about to become much harder for corporations.  Why? because now more than ever, corporations need to insure they are getting the “right” talent for the job.  The “right” talent to help drive business performance and success in a very competitive market. 

You’ve heard about the entrepreneur – corporations need this talent to succeed.   Well corporations also need to adopt a selectioneur spirit.  Yep a new phase which means the ability to recognize and select the very best talent.

The whole recruitment process will need an “overhaul” and those corporations who build a solid selection strategy now will emerge the winner.    Selection is more than reviewing a resume and conducting an interview.  Selection is how a corporation maximizes its performance, how it develops, promotes and retains employees.  Selection is the key to a corporation’s success.  

How does your selection process measure up?  Take a look and if it needs an “overhaul” start now – don’t wait.   Do you have a selection strategy?  Does it include selecting based on corporate culture and the performance skills required for the job?   Are your interviewers trained to select the very best?  Do you utilize a selection assessment tool? 

Selecting the right person for the job is profitable, selecting the wrong person is costly in oh so many ways.  Catch the selctioneur spirt and start hiring the best possible talent today.

Lee Koren is an HR Professional with over 20 years of experience in recruitment, selection, career transition and facilitation.  Visit her website at


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