Let Selection Drive your Business Performance

Posted on: May 25, 2009


Is your company selecting the right talent?  Those individuals who can or have the potential to help drive business in a turbulent economy?

As a Professional in Human Resources with over 20 years of selection experience, I have witnessed first hand the effects of “poor” hiring decisions.  The higher the position, the worse the effect.   I’ve seen successful, competitive companies destroyed by ineffective senior executives who “ride into the sunset” with a handsome severance package.  Sound familiar?  So who is responsible?   Actually the real culprit is the selection process or lack thereof.    Interviewers and decision makers are but a subset of the process;  if the process is faulty then odds are the “poor” hiring decisions will continue.   You have heard the old saying “pit a good performer against a bad system and the system will win every time”.

Studies indicate that in most cases 85% of the decisions are made in the first 4 minutes of the interview.  WOW, the first 4 minutes, so what is the interviewer doing for the other 56 minutes?  My bet, talking.   Yes the all too common “conversational interview”, 56 minutes of chit chat and then the interview ends.  Hey there, that candidate walking out the door may be just the one your company needs to help drive business performance, but you will never know because the interviewer did all the talking.  I worked with a VP who told me he only needed 20 minutes to conduct an interview.  In 20 minutes he could tell if the person could do the job.  No prep needed – just 20 minutes.   Hmm, I wonder if he follows the same logic in his business practice?  Imagine sitting down with a potential client and saying “Listen, I am going to do all the talking and in 20 minutes or less I can solve your business problem”.   Nada, we all know in today’s global market it takes preparation, planning, research, a lot of listening and probing to come up with the right solution for a client.  So why should it be any different when selecting the right talent to drive and grow your business?  It’s time to invest in the “Selectioneur Spirit” – meaning the ability to identify, recognize and select the very best talent for your organization.  The “right” talent with the “right competencies to propel business growth and success.

Go on – catch the “Selectioneur Spirit” today – “If you don’t start, you can’t arrive” (Zig Ziglar)

 About the Author

Lee Koren is an HR Professional with 20+ years of experience in selection, recruitment, career transition and training.  She is certified as a Professional in Human Resources (PHR) by the Society for Human Resource Management and a Master Trainer in Behavioural Interviewing.  Lee’s passion is selection, helping organizations select the right talent.   She also helps individuals better prepare for a job search by showing them how to “maximize” their performance in the interview.

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1 Response to "Let Selection Drive your Business Performance"

I’ve been in both kinds of interviews as an Admin and turned down jobs based on the interviewing style of the manager. Interviewers don’t realize that in that “56 minutes of chit chat” they may be sending signals that may turn candidates off of the job and company.

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