Workplace of the Future

Posted on: July 16, 2009

News Flash – the results are in from my first poll – thanks to everyone who participated.   The question was “Which is the most critical to the workplace of the future?   The choices were:   Innovative Leadership, Creative Employees, Work Life Balance, Remote Work/Flexibility or All of the Above.

It seems the majority of those who voted feel that “Work Life Balance” is the most critical to the workplace of the future.  No surprise – Canadians love their free time, yep we work to live but do not live to work.  Definitely a cultural shift from my experience in the USA – they tend to fall into the live to work category – I have known many a workaholic – was one myself.

There is a tie for second place – “Innovative Leadership” and “Remote Work/Flexibility” – makes perfect sense to me – if the workplace of the future has innovative leaders then you can bet there will be a flexible work environment.  Smart leaders know that keeping their employees happy spells loyalty;  employee retention will be key in the future.  Hard to believe right now but the pendulum will once again swing and there will be a shortage of qualified resources.   The Innovative Leader will see the value in embracing the “Life Work Balance” and Flexible Work Schedules.  Motivated employees drive business performance

Last, but not least is “Creative Employees” – now I have to admit this one surprised me.  Seems the voters did not feel creativity would be critical in the workplace of the future.  Maybe it is a given –  employees will be creative?  Why?  Hmm…. better education, more learned experiences, more international expertise……..what?  Could it be that everyone is born with a certain amount of creativity and those innovative leaders will know how to get the best out of each and every employee?

Well this certainly was enlightening, in some aspects the workplace of the future is here today.  However, it is evident that the employee of the future will take back their life; and the workplace of the future will allow them to do just that.


Lee Koren is a Professional in Human Resources and a natural at helping professionals maximize their performance.


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