Optimize Your Resume and the Interview Experience

Posted on: May 4, 2010

As most of you know, I’m a senior recruiter who has been reviewing resumes and interviewing candidates for over 2o years, so quess you can say I know a little about the subject.    Now grant it – there is no magic wand when it comes to the job search but one thing is for sure, a “system friendly” resume which optimizes  your strengths, accomplishments, skills and experience will get noticed.   I created the “Optimize Your Resume and the Interview Experience” workshop through the “eyes of a recruiter” and intentionally keep the attendance small so the participants get the benefit of one-on-one attention – it’s like having a personal recruiter for 2.5 hours – really, what could be better? 

Participants view their resume as others see it, identify key strengths and performance skills and through the use of  activities make sure their best accomplishments and results are depicted on the resume and explored in the interview.   Participants learn about the tools a recruiter uses when conducting a resource search, i.e,  Applicant Tracking Systems, Google searches and LinkedIn.  Then using the information from the resume participants learn how to prepare and practice for the interview.  We explore the behaioural and performance based interviews and how to maximize your performance in the interview.    The participants interact with each other sharing stories, learned experiences and concerns about being in-between successes and conducting a job search.  

This is not another workshop about “how to” write a resume or “how to” interview, nada; it is all about how to optimize your written resume to insure it is viewable when uploading on-line eliminating the risk of  recruiters or HR skipping over the resume because he/she cannot open it,  to insure your resume captures the attention of the viewer ; and it is about how to customize your preparation for a specific interview using the 2 most important tools.

I  facilitated the “Optimize Your Resume and the Interview Experience” workshop at the offices of ConnectUs Canada two weeks ago.  It was a small group who bonded and took advantage of the time together – below are a few comments:

Hi Lee,
‘Nice to meet you yesterday at your workshop. I enjoyed the whole stuff, especially how to dissect the job ads and find out the real requirements. Thank you very much.’Wonderful stuff. Please keep it up.
 Hi Lee:
 It’s nice to come to the Resume and Interview Optimization workshop last Saturday. I learned a lot. The performance skills handout is very useful as you listed all transferable skills to help me connect those skills to the job, and some small activities helped me to learn from other people.
Overall, we learned from each other which is the best way to learn and had fun doing it.   I will be holding another workshop in the near future at ConnectUs in Oakville – watch for the details.   Until then, remember to network and include social media into your job search.
Lee Koren is a Senior Recruiter, Master Trainer in Behavioural Interviewing and a Professional in Human Resources (PHR). 

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