Make Behavioural Interview your Interview Style

Posted on: September 16, 2010

There are many types of interview styles and unfortunately there is usually not a way to find out what type of interview you will face.   Here is one thing to keep in mind, individuals who know how to prepare for a behavioural interview rate higher as a viable candidate after the interview.  Why?  because by preparing for a behavioural interview the individual identifies the key peformance skills required for the job, links these skills to his/her successful past performance and identifies specific examples to share with the interviewer.

It takes a lot of hard work to get an interview which is why it is critical to prepare and practice.  Most know the drill, check out the company website, talk to current or former employees and the list goes on.   However, once in the interview it is important to get your message across – what message? the one you prepared and practiced before the interview.  The message which talks about how your strong performance skills link to the skills required for the job; and you must get this message across in a professional manner no matter what type of interview is being conducted.  I know it’s not easy, especially if you get an interviewer who does all the talking; however you need to be able to “build-on” to an answer with a specific example especially if the interviewer is not asking for examples.    Examples tell the interviewer whether or not you possess a required skill and to what extent you have demonstrated it.   Tell the interviewer about the situation, the actions you took, the results and what you learned and then stop – do not ramble.

Believe me – if you prepare for the behavioural interview you have a better chance of being successful no matter what type of interview is conducted.

Until next time – remember to take one day at a time.

Lee Koren is a certified as a Professional in Human Resources (PHR)- her speciality is recruitment and selection.


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