A Success Story Validates!

Posted on: October 26, 2010

For the past two years I have been facilitating workshops on how to optimize your resume and the interview experience.  I created and designed the workshops myself using my extensive experience as a senior recruiter so you can imagine my delight and joy when I received actual validation that it really works. 

I was invited to speak at the McMaster University Biochemistry Career Day Symposium – a true honour which only came about due to my association with Donna Messer.  Donna, the “Queen of Networking”  was asked to speak at the career day and I happened to be in the right place at the right time.  Awesome!

The day was filled with speakers from the academic and private sectors, each speaker brought his/her own perspective about their career choices.   I learned so much about the long and sometimes difficult process to obtain a PhD in Biochemistry and Biomedical Sciences.   However, the light was definitely “turned on” when Dr. Melissa Ayers told her story.  You see she just graduated in the summer of 2010 and had been doing her research on suitable career choices – would it be academic or would it be the “dark side”? ( a term the students use for the private sector).   Melissa spoke about how she targeted a specific pharmaceutical company, identified a senior executive within the company and called for an informational interview.   To her surprise and delight she received a call back and was invited in for a meeting. 

Now by this time, I am smiling and shaking my head “YES – Oh YES” because this is the precise method I preach in all my workshops.   I’m saying to myself  “way to go Melissa”.   She went on to say how the senior executive reviewed her resume and “lo and behold” one of the first thing he told her was to add a “profile” at the top of the resume.   A few lines which highlight her strengths and/or key competencies.  Alright, now I am restraining myself from jumping out of my chair and cheering.  Why? you guessed it – I stress the exact same principal – in fact it is one of the most important sections on the resume.  Right there under the header (eye level) a section titled “Profile” or “Career Summary”.   

During Melissa’s informational interview she learns this particular company has job openings, so she fixes up her resume and applies online.  She sends the senior executive a thank you note (again I’m cheering – oh yes very important) and mentions she has applied on-line.   Melissa is called in for an interview and the rest is history – yep she lands a job as a Scientist with the pharmaceutical company. 

Melissa definitely did everything right – a true success story.   Does this mean it will work so quickly and effectively every time? Probably not; but the proof is there and with the right attitude and dedication it can work – it just may take a little longer.

After the speakers were done, I approached Melissa and told her “she made my day” – the process she went through to land her job is the exact process I teach during my workshops.  She smiled and said “I knew you agreed with what I was saying Lee by the way you were shaking your head”.   I laughed and said “it is just so inspiring to hear that something I have been preaching for years does in fact work”.  I asked for her permission to write about it in my Blog and she graciously agreed.  In fact, I will tell Melissa’s story during my next workshop.

If there is a morale to this story – it is that effective networking, positive attitude and determination will take each and every one of us a long way on our journey towards success.

Until next time remember to take one day at a time!

Lee Koren is certified as a Professional in Human Resources specializing in recruitment and selection.



2 Responses to "A Success Story Validates!"

A truly inspiring story!!! I am going to share this with my daughter who recently graduated from college and on the job market.

Miss you!

Great article Lee – I am on “Google Alert” for anything with my name on it – and this came in to my computer this morning. You are a wealth of knowledge and it’s really wonderful to know that I can send my clients to you when they want to really maximize their interviews and their resume! Keep those timely tips coming!


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