“Lee Koren is an incredibly talented woman who can handle just about any problem when it comes to human resources. Not only can she help those in transition find a better way to maximize their resume, she can teach them how to take back the power in the interview.

Lee has been working with me for the past few months and it’s been a memorable experience for both of us. Lee is reliable, caring, enthusiastic and results driven. I can count on her being on time and on track.

Her work with ConnectUs has been incredibly valuable, using her knowledge of technology and social media she has brought the company forward by leaps and bounds. Lee is a multi-talented, team player and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her for any position she considers within her area of expertise.

Donna Messer”


Mike Paris has endorsed your work as Selection Consultant and Facilitator at Selection Strategy.

“Lee in a very short amount of time took the confusing mass of information that was my resume and turned it into an eye catching paper on my career. The tips and hints she gave me will help me to better represent myself in my next interview. I highly recommend her as she is knowledgeable and truely cares about your needs as a customer

Danny Frank, PMP has endorsed your work as Senior Recruiter/Facilitator at Amdocs, Inc.

“When searching for a new ‘challenging’ profession I interviewed with Amdocs and Lee Koren was my main recruiter. Lee was Very professional and Very personable guiding me through the entire hiring process in an extremely efficient manner. Ultimately she was one of the main reasons I chose the position with Amdocs.

I would highly recommend Lee to any company that is looking to improve their recruiting/staffing team and know she would make an immediate impact. Lee is truly a top notch recruiter whom I had the please of doing business with in the past and wish the best of luck on all future endeavors!”

Kelly Meloche has endorsed your work as Career Transition Coach and Facilitator at Selection Strategy.

“Lee is the professional we all want on our side. She manages business with precision and autonomy. Each interaction presented measurable results and continued creative support towards an end result that far exceeded my expectations. As my company continues to grow I consider Lee an essential expert to have as a resource.” 

Hello Lee,

“What a great presentation!  I found it very informative and it gave me a few things to think about.  I loved the “K” in S.A.R.K.   It’s never been mentioned in any of the workshops and seminar I have attended.  

Thank you for the attached ebook.  Great stuff.

You are a natural motivator and a vibrant speaker.  It was a pleasure meeting you.  Keep up the good work!”


Nevin Wallace

Dear Lee:

“A very good first visit.  Thank you for taking time from your busy schedule to come and speak to our members in Burlington.

Your presentation “Maximize Your Performance in the Interview” was well received by our members and, in fact exceeded expectations…………..”


Don Saltarelli has endorsed your work as Career Transition Coach and Facilitator at Selection Strategy.

“I discovered Lee is to be a very knowledgeable and highly skilled HR professional, especially in the area of personal and professional development. She was very effective in helping me to clarify and define my personal and professional goals, while being very understanding and patient. I highly recommend Lee without hesitation.”


Take Back the Interview

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